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Locally owned and operated since 2012, House of Glass specializes in hand-crafted glass smoke-wares, vaporizers and other tobacco accessories.

We are Iowa’s only exclusively American-made, functional glass gallery, and approximately half of our glass is locally produced by talented Iowa artists. This allows us to offer a diverse selection of products at a wide range of prices. House of Glass offers the largest selection of smoking accessories in central Iowa with over 1,750-square-feet of functional glass art, hookahs, vaporizers, water pipes, wood pipes, stone pipes, metal pipes, glass pipes, bubblers, custom made pieces, heady glass, rolling papers, cigarette holders and more.

We pride ourselves in customer service that can’t be matched. Every employee maintains both functional and working knowledge of every product we offer and even those we do not. Whether you need assistance finding a replacement part for a hookah or simply have questions about a particular product, the House of Glass crew has got you covered.


Featured artist profile BBoro

Lil Ben

Location: Indianola, Iowa

I have been passionate about glass for over half my life. I started melting in 2010 and love how much variety is possible with just borosilicate glass. Watching the counter culture slowly become mainstream has been a beautiful thing. I make quality and affordable things for the working person because that’s what I am. I have some favorite colors I use a lot of but you’ll find silver fuming on most of my work. Thanks for supporting my craft and providing endless inspiration to evolve.

Featured artist profile B Team

B Team Studios

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Hello I’m Kelly with Bteam glass. I’ve been blowing glass for twenty years now and although that might make me a dinosaur I feel like I’m a T-Rex. And ultimately even if that means I have short arms I feel like I have a long reach when it comes to creating glass pieces. I love to make all styles of glass from production tubes to anything heady!! Ive been in the Des Moines area working for all of those years and have worked with a ton of glass blowers. I like to think they all have taught me something during our time together. I’d like to thank House of Glass for always repping us local artists and letting us be a part of this wonderful shop!

Featured artist profile Studio V


Location: Des Moines, Iowa

I started melting glass in 2007. Since then my career has spanned the entire spectrum of production glass work and ventured into headies between orders. I currently specialize in lathe production. The technicalities of intricate welds keep me interested in the lathe work. I am obsessed with the process and learning the most efficient techniques to advance my production work. It’s fun building one-off headies, but right now I’m really driven by nailing a process and continuing to dial it in. Although the form of my production pieces has only seen subtle changes over the last several years, I’m excited by making it better and better as I progress in my craft. My goal is to offer high end quality and develop processes that allow me to produce my work in a way that is affordable to customers with realistic budgets.